Here at Quappchatttxxz we are happy to exclusively reveal the news that has got the internet buzzing for the past few weeks – exactly what are Paramount announcing at Comic Con on 20th July with regards to the Predator franchise.

Our man inside has let it slip that rising star Liam Neeson, best known for his action-hero roles in thrillers such as Shindlers List, Nell and Love Actually, has been signed on as the lead in the new inner-city set Predator movie.

Out tipster has told us that the studio are planning a sequel to the original Predator movie staring Arnold Schwarzenegger, rather than a follow up to Robert Rodrigues’s 2008 re-boot of the franchise, but following a plot that disregards that of Predator 2.

“I’m not sure why the studio has chosen to ignore what is commonly held to be the best film in the series, but for better or worse that’s the path that they have set out on, and going to stick to it. They’re asking those involved to think of it in the same way that Godfather 3 is a direct sequel to the original Godfather, which disregards everything from the weak link in the series – Godfather 2. Let’s just say it’s characters that exist in the same universe as Predator 2, but perhaps in an alternate timeline, which exists both before AND after the Danny Glover hit from 1986 – so almost a sequel that is wrapped around the original Predator 2, but not inside it.”

There’s no official word yet on who will helm the movie, although big hitters such as Brett Ratner and McG are thought to be itching at the hip to get involved – especially with them both being hot off the back of successful franchise relaunches (Silence of the Lambs 4 and Terminator 3 respectively).

Our man in the know has also hinted that Joe Pesci is being lined up for a supporting role, but we’ve so far been unable to corroborate these reports. More news as we have it, but for now, that’s Quapppxtatz.