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Predator is the ultimate hunter – all fans know as much of course. But here we have proof of that fact – and what’s more proof that no one move franchise can contain him.

Thanks to Christian at for sending us this awesome clip!


Check out these AWESOME Predator 2 sunnies from ‘Ray-Bans’:

No info on the site about the specifc movie tie-in, but I guess if you’re a fan, you’ll be in the know. My bet is (without checking) that these are the ones Gary Busey wears!

Any thoughts guys? If I find out any more I’ll keep you posted here on the No.1 Predator 2 Fan Site.

Either way, these are AWESOME and I just wish I had the $120 dollas to buy them ($150 with polarized lenses – for cold weather maybe?).

So lets look at the numbers …


Looking at the total number of dollars taken, Predator 2 is the lowest grossing film of the franchise.

But wait! When we look at the same figures adjusted for inflation, its actually the THIRD HIGHEST grossing! Not bad for back in 1990 when advertising was limited to newspapers/TV/theatres – no world wide internet or Myspace!

Also – its worth checking out the number of theatres P2 opened in compared with the AVPs and Predators – its less right! If you do a ‘gross by theatres’ calculation – I imagine that would show some surprising results (I have not done that for you here as I’m going to bed).

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While ostensibly a review of the excellent 7″ Predator 2 action figure, this considered piece also includes some insights on the film as well as general Predator culture and morality.

This is a new dance, and its called: the Predator!