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Predator is the ultimate hunter – all fans know as much of course. But here we have proof of that fact – and what’s more proof that no one move franchise can contain him.

Thanks to Christian atĀ for sending us this awesome clip!


That’s what this video invites you to do… and as one enthusiastic commentator put it, “it couldn’t have come at a better time” (although that was over a year ago).

An Image Works production from the golden age of computer games when 8bit played alongside 16bit (the company were responsible for a number of high-profile movie tie-ins which need not be named here).

This, of course, is the ZX Spectrum version, which transports you with its ominous electronic trills and expansively dark backgrounds into the deeply disorienting and above all yellow world of Predator 2, where it becomes possible, probably with a certain amount of frustration, to enact your own sideways-scrolling version of the film.

This is a new dance, and its called: the Predator!

Could this be the best film ever made?